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M! Communications is Marni Evans, an award winning, diverse communications professional passionate about collaborating with start-ups, small to medium organizations and non-profit groups to develop and grow profitable businesses through strategic and innovative communications programs. 

I have extensive experience performing in deadline-driven environments with an emphasis on measuring and achieving results and working within a budget. My background in communications is complemented by creative design experience (digital and print) and a history of brand development/management. 

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My Inspiration


I treasure this photo for many reasons - the green, glowing grass, the sun dappled trees, the inside knowledge that a sandy beach and turquoise ocean are just beyond the rise. 

But more than this, I treasure the two most beautiful little beings sprinting with reckless enthusiasm in the foreground. These are my daughters - my heart, my purpose and why I've structured my career and business around my family allowing me to be a stress-free, happy, workin'-from-home mama.